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Meet Your Team

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Laurie Luxford

Laurie's 25 plus years of solid tax experience has given her the groundwork necessary to confidently lead our team at Martin & Luxford LLC.   She is an Enrolled Agent allowing her the permission to talk to those happy – go – lucky IRS agents on our clients’ behalf.   Our clients know that they can count on her to be with them every step of the way.  She is one of their greatest cheerleaders because their success is her goal. Once she clicks "send" on that last email of the day, you might spot her headed North for a quick trip to the UP!

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Mike Martin

Mike is our founder and has practiced since 1980.  He has extensive experience in tax planning and financial advisory. At this stage of this Michigan man’s career he has made the decision to only work remotely from warm locations! Although he doesn’t conduct face to face meetings with clients anymore, he is still very much a part of our Team.  To connect with him you need to catch him before Noon, or technically it’s considered “the next day”!

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Janel Brooker

 Janel assists the Team and all of our clients through various day to day administrative tasks from answering your phone calls and emails to making sure you have a delicious cup of coffee ready for your visit with us.  When she hangs up the phone for the day, she just might be planning a tropical vacation!

Hammock Relaxing

Myra Dornan

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Myra has developed an uncanny ability to uncover the root cause of the most complex, multi -dimensional corporate accounting issues.  Her persistence and attention to detail delivers results that our clients have come to depend on.  When she steps away from the numbers, you might find her on a long walk enjoying nature with her dogs or exploring Michigan lakes by boat.

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Dan Vanliere

  What an asset we have in Dan!  With his 40+ years of experience, he brings a special set of eyes to our practice.  If not at the office, he can be found golfing, walking the dog or hanging out with his grandchild.

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Jenni Devos

Jenni spends her days helping our small businesses keep track of their books, reducing their tax liability as much as possible.  When not knee deep in tax work, she can be found traveling the world with her family!


Phil Calkins

Phil has 50 + years in the tax preparation business.  With his extensive knowledge base, he plays a vital role with our Team working along side of us during tax season, confirming results in the finalization process of each return.
His sense of humor is a breath of fresh air for us when we are immersed in tax processing.

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Kirsten Swanson

Kirsten is an all-around asset to our team.  She supports our staff, small businesses and individuals.  Kirsten's experience is widespread with her years of service to accounting firms and small businesses.  She has excellent attention to detail and loves to crunch the numbers.  When she is not working on the books, you may catch her walking her dog or relaxing poolside.

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Anna Dennis

Anna is our administrative assistant.  You will find her friendly, helpful and full of energy!  She is also known as the Portal and  Facebook whisperer.  She has a get-it-done attitude and the ability to do it too.

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